Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Technology
- named as the world’s most promising innovation

HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE’s Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Technology is a Drug Delivery System technology that allows the selective and effective delivery of active substances on the target area in combination with bio-friendly minerals.

This Organic-Inorganic Hybrid technology was introduced as a promising innovative technology by the Materials Research Society, US, and the C&EN (Chemical & Engineering) – a Chemistry Journal of the Chemistry Society of America.

  • Minimize the side effects of existing drugs/active ingredients (inhibits resistance due to toxicity)
  • Selectively act on areas that need drugs/active ingredients (target directedness)
  • Lasting effect of drugs/active ingredients (lasting effects due to sustained release)
Characteristics of HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Technology
Originality Independent patent technology Research on DDS technology based on LDH for more than 15 years
Rigidity Structural stability Structurally stable based on its mineral flaky structure
Inertness Chemical stability Increased stability of effective substances by the ionic bonding of minerals and special coating
Sustained Release Sustained release High efficacy compared to doses as a result of sustained release effect
Release over a period of 12 hours in the case of Vitamin C
High Bio Availability High dissolution rates Dissolution rates higher than 99%
Lowest Level of Drug side effect Minimization of drug side-effects Minimization of effects on other tissues because effective substances are not emitted prior to adsorption on the target tissue
Minimization of drug resistance after application
Multiple Application Various applications Applicable to various fields such as transdermal and oral injections
Enables development of various treatments, such as purified capsules
Enables input of various active ingredients aside from ordinary drugs, such as peptide, Oligo nucleotide, etc.