Target-directed anticancer drug delivery technology

HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE’s organic-inorganic hybrid technology is being developed in anticancer drug carrier technology through the application of its strengths in stability, sustained release and target selectivity in the field of Tumor-targeted Drugs.
The feature of this technology is that it can be applied through vessel injection after encapsulating it through the ionic bonding of chemotherapy drugs and LDH of fixed nano-size.
In this case, the harmless encapsulated carrier particle can arrive at the cancer cell through the blood vessels without destroying the healthy cells and selectively destroy the cancer cells. It is a new medicine DDS technology that enables great chemotherapy effect with less use of drugs through it excellent target-directed implementation. These researches and development results have received worldwide attention as they were published in global academic journals such as Nature, Angewandte Chemie, C&EN, Scienctific Reports, etc. It is being recognized as an innovative anticancer treatment platform technology as it is a “patient-friendly” carrier technology since the toxicity problems of existing polymer medicine carriers were overcome, along with the problem of drug tolerance.

Results after 32 days of injecting the drug 5 times a week for 4 weeks

PBS(phosphate buffer saline) : Phosphate buffered saline solution
MTX(methotrexate) : Anti-malignant growth medicine used for leukemia, lung cancer, head and neck cancer and bladder cancer.
MTX-LDH : DDS substance that combined MTX with LDH