World First, World Best

HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE is a biotechnology company that developed and commercialized bio-fusion technology with the purpose of delivering active ingredients safely and efficiently to the body.

With the use of an innovative vitamin C stabilization technology, HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE expanded its business scope to skincare and cosmetics.

HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE developed Vitabrid CG, a new biomaterial that binds vitamin C with bio-friendly mineral layers, which is a beneficial ingredient in skin brightening, anti-aging, and anti-inflammation. The Peptibrid line, which incorporates peptides that helps anti-aging, has been listed on ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary).

Based on Vitabrid CG, HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE launched 'Vitabrid C12', a premium skincare brand. Following the great response from Asia, Vitabrid C12 has expanded globally into the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

In particular, Vitabrid Japan, a Japanese joint venture established in June 2014, achieved monthly sales over USD 3.6 million, solidifying its position in Japan, the original beauty powerhouse. In August 2017, Vitabrid was the first Korean cosmetic brand to launch exclusively at Barney’s New York, a US premium department store.

In addition, Vitabrid has been building a reputation for itself as a world-renowned company with the recognition received by the international selection of Monde Selection, the Trendsetter Award at the Cosmoprof North America, as well as many other endorsements by major media outlets and celebrities.

HYUNDAI BIOSCIENCE will continue to expand its business scope by introducing innovative biotechnology and new effective products.